Recognition at RTC

Recognition at RTC

Recognition at RTCWe believe it is important to build confidence and raise self-esteem in our clients. To meet that end, we make every attempt to recognize both their efforts and accomplishments. RTC offers a full range of opportunities for positive reinforcements ranging from words of encouragement up through full program graduations.

Our program components include: nominations for the principals award and the character award, which are given to clients exhibiting outstanding behavior. There is also a “best client” award presented to the individual that has proved to be a positive role model for others. All of these nominations and awards are presented at our regularly scheduled award assemblies. These assemblies are attended by all clients and many staff members. All attendees show their support for each recipient, with resounding applause.

It is not uncommon that many of the boys keep all of their recognition certificates and place them with high value. In many cases, these have been the only rewards they have received in their lives. The assembly culminates with a "Program of the Month" award, which is given to the program who demonstrates the highest degree of positive behavior and teamwork for that month.

Finally, and often the "biggest" recognition for most clients is graduation from our program. To receive this recognition, a client shall have worked on the goals on their treatment plan and maintained positive behaviors and attitude for an extended period of time. Each "graduation" is individually planned according the client and family's needs. Graduation day is a time for the graduate to be happy and proud, but this sense of accomplishment extends to all our boys and staff.

Client Awards Presented by Rabiner Treatment Center

STARS Tickets — Clients earn a STARS ticket from a staff member by meeting the criteria and expectations which are outlined on the STARS poster in each classroom. They must earn 10 tickets to be rewarded with a healthy snack.

Award Ceremonies — The school holds a monthly assembly in which clients are honored for academics and positive behaviors. 24 Club—Clients are able to earn 24 daily points in school. They are required to earn a 24 for 75% of the marking period time in order to be eligible for the off-campus fieldtrip.

Transition Award — It is important for our clients to transition from class to class safely . Therefore, clients earn this award by following the transition expectations from the STARS poster. They receive a ribbon and have the opportunity to go on an off-campus fieldtrip.

Good Conduct Award — Clients can earn this award by being a positive role model, not walking out of class, and no physical aggression.

Student of the Month — The High School and the Middle School each have a Student of the Month award. These students go off-campus to eat lunch with staff.

Principal Award — The Principal chooses a client that is demonstrating positive behaviors and being a good role model to eat pizza with.

Elite Corps

Recognition at RTCRTC developed the Elite Corps back in 2002 as a way of rewarding boys who set and achieve a high standard of behavior and display a concentrated effort in personal improvement. The "Corps" has specific criteria for membership, culminating in recommendations by key staff members to the Elite Corps officers and staff leadership. According to their handbook, membership is "a privilege and honor". Once a young man is a member, he is eligible for involvement in a variety of community service projects as well as fun, off-campus recreational activities. The Elite Corps holds regularly scheduled meetings, which are run by its elected officers, and monitored/supported by an assigned staff member.

Elite Corps members who do not uphold the group's high expectations and standards may be called into account by other Elite Corp members up to and including expulsion from the group until behaviors or problems are addressed by the individual. The Corp's Code of Conduct focuses on: leadership, helpfulness, positive attitude, role-modeling, character, trust, respect, and responsibility. To visually reflect their commitment to excellence, Elite Corps members are issued special shirts and hats, which are worn around campus with great pride!

Recognition at RTCRecognition at RTC