Our Programs

Our Programs - "A Continuum of Service"

Rabiner Treatment Center provides a full continuum of treatment services for boys from 10-18 years old (top age could be higher depending on state's legal age). These youth are referred to us with a wide range of diagnoses and/or histories of criminal behaviors. Our programming which includes residential and nonresidential care is geared to meet a wide variety of client needs. Our current continuum includes:

Smart Choices!

Long-term (6 to 18 months), residential care for conduct disorder / behaviorally challenging boys.

Special Choices!

Long-term (6 to 24 months), residential care for borderline I.Q. / special need boys

Smart Start!

Short-term (30/60/90 days) residential programming for boys needing an immediate, short-term intervention.

Work Component

Adolescent boys with court ordered restitution or a need to save for independent living will be considered for on-campus job training and work assignments.

Daily Choices!

Day programming which offers educational, therapeutic and recreational services to children living at home. Clients attend our on-campus school and receive therapeutic/recreational services after school on the RTC campus. Transportation is provided by RTC.

Weekend Choices!

Weekend program (1 to 6 weekends), which has a strong focus on cognitive restructuring and accountability.

On-Campus School

As an extension Manson Northwest Webster School District, RTC offers on-site educational services through our Education Department. A complete array of educational opportunities is available to our students including public school placement, on-campus classes, GED certification, vocational experiences, day school, and out-of-school suspension.