Referrals / Admission

Admissions Department

The Admissions Coordinator oversees admissions to all our programs. All referral packets are assessed with continued collaboration with all referal sources, families,and clients. Please give the admissions department a call with any questions regarding placement in any of Rabiner Treatment Center Programs.

Admission Criteria

Smart Choices: Adolescent boys, who have a history of oppositional and defiant behavior, anti-social behavior and display irresponsible/criminal thinking patterns along with a variety of mental health diagnoses including history of trauma (PTSD), Depression and Anxiety. Clients should have a full-scale I.Q. score of 75 or higher. Length of stay varies from 9 to 14 months, depending on treatment needs.

Special Choices: Adolescent boys who have a variety of special needs/diagnoses including, but not limited to: Borderline I.Q. (full scale score in the range of 55-75), autism spectrum, history of trauma (PTSD), ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. Length of stay varies from 9 to 18 months depending on treatment needs.

Referral Procedures

Questions about our services or referrals from Juvenile Court Services, Department of Human Services or family members should be directed to our admissions personnel at:

Angie Jergens, Coordinator of Admissions and Quality Improvement
1762 Johnson Ave.
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Phone: (515) 573-1347